Corydalis Its hard to find bright color for shade, so its a puzzle that brightly colored corydalis isnt more widely planted. Its is an outstanding shade plant. Blooms are small, but they appear in clusters. Leaves look similar to those of fringe-leaf bleeding heart. Plants self-seed readily, but excess seedlings are easy to remove. Provide the plant with moist, organic soil for best growth.

Shade creates challenges to both cultivation and design. This disc offers strategies for gardening in the shade. Feature articles cover plants that thrive in low light conditions, including ferns, woodland lilies, impatiens and many more, for gardens, pots and window boxes. Expert shade gardeners show design techniques for making shady corners look bright and interesting.

Two frond types give this deep shade loving fern many uses. Sterile leaves spread flat, creating a glossy, evergreen groundcover. Fertile leaves emerge upright from the center midsummer. Tuck into shady spots to add strong texture to any woodland garden.